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Join us for O-WEEK - a whole week of FREE live classes online for teens + tweens.

28th Sept - 4 Oct 2020

Build confidence, up-skill, connect, get creative and have fun with classes run by experts from all over the world. Brought to you by Shine From Within; supporting teens & the adults around them since 2012.

Sign your young person up today!

Learn from world-class experts + youth mentors

Learn alongside teens + tweens around the world from our youth mentors + experts in over 18 countries, about the things they don't usually teach you in school, including:

resilience + self-love
activism + purpose
climate anxiety to climate courage
friendships + relationships
yoga + movement
natural skincare
study skills + focus
productivity + money skills


I just wanted to thank you so much! 
Everything we covered was a huge help to me, and I'm sure it will be forever.

Meg, 15


You have topped up her confidence
right at a time when she will need to stay strong with the new school year. Thank you!

Leah, mother


You have been so inspiring
along with all the other guest teachers.

Yasmin, 14

Frequently Asked Questions
What is included in 'O-Week'?

This week of free classes is running from 28 September - 4 October (during school holidays for many Australians, where we are based). The classes are being run at all different times by facilitators all over the world though so it's available to young people globally. Once you register, you'll be able to see all the classes on offer and add the ones to your calendar that you'd like to attend. You'll find the link to join the class via Zoom for each event there too and can add it straight to your calendar.
At the time of each class, jump on and join us! 

What age are the classes for?

The classes are great for anyone aged about 9 or 10 through to 18.  During our pilot round of casual classes we had a variety of ages in each class and our facilitators are experienced in navigating what comes up from each student to ensure it's supportive and nurturing for everyone. 

How long do the classes go for?

Each class will go for approximately one hour. 

Who are the facilitators?

The facilitators and support personnel on all live classes have gone through a rigorous application process, training and continued support and up-skilling. They have completed 4 months and 60+ hours of our award-winning Youth Mentor Training in addition to the many skills and expertise they already have in their chosen fields. The Youth Mentor Training covers duty of care, understanding teen psychology, engagement in a fun, nurturing and supportive way, being aware of what to look out for with more serious issues and more.

While not legally required to facilitate online classes in this way, our facilitators must also have a current working with children check (or equivalent for their country and state), must have completed a number of implicit bias tests to ensure they are inclusive and self-aware and must abide by our Code of Conduct to ensure the safety and enjoyment of each of our students. If you would like more information on any of this or to see a copy of our Code of Conduct, please email

Our facilitators come from all over the world including Nigeria, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and the UK and represent a variety of cultural and social identities. 

During O-Week we also have some guest experts and influencers facilitating classes. If they haven't completed the Youth Mentor Training mentioned above, there will be a trained youth mentor live on the call with them. 

Can parents attend the classes?

We prefer to keep the classes as parent-free zones so the young people feel more comfortable having open and honest conversations (if they choose to participate - they're welcome just to attend and watch with their video off). During O-Week if you want to watch some of the classes to see what it's all about and get a feel for what we're offering, please keep your video off and leave the chats to the young folk.

*Update 28/09/20 after someone expressed concerns - as mentioned above you are welcome to come along parents but we just ask that you don't engage and dominate the conversation so that it feels like a parent-free zone for the students. We know that the online world can be a scary place and we know that these online classes are not for everyone. Please don't register if you don't feel comfortable. And as mentioned below, reach out to us if you'd like to chat further.

Can I view the classes on my phone?
Absolutely! We'll use Zoom for the live classes which works great on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. We've got links to supporting docs if you have any troubles joining in the member's portal. 
What if I can't make it live?
No problems! While we encourage everyone to join live so they can participate in group discussions, we'll record the classes and these will be made available to members who join at a later stage (this will cost a small fee though).
What if I don't want my child to be recorded?
We'll ensure that each student is reminded that they can keep their video off if they choose and encourage them to only use their first name when participating in a class to protect their privacy. If you have specific concerns about this please reach out -
More questions? 
Get in touch with us at with any questions or to book in a chat. We're always here for you. 
Email us

The Online Academy is brought to you by Shine From Within - a teen academy established in 2012 in Queensland Australia.

We acknowledge and pay respects to the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we run our workshops and business.
Shine from Within welcomes students of all social, cultural, community and family backgrounds, and of all identities, and all abilities. Shine from Within is LGBTQIA+ friendly and all genders are welcome to all classes. Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries about this.

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